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Atlas 370 Garden Gloves

 Atlas 370 Garden gloves are perfect for a variety of gardening tasks, such as weeding and pruning, which makes them great for personal use or as a gift to others! These gardening gloves have a lightweight, yet durable nitrile coating for palm and fingertip protection. The construction of the 370 gloves offers an optimal balance of protection, comfort and dexterity. The protective nitrile coating allows for greater protection than rubber, while still allowing you to perform precise gardening tasks.

Selling the garden gloves has been a major fund raiser for LGC for several years. To make our gloves readily available to the public, they’re stocked in Emma’s Boutique on Main Street in Littleton.  The gloves sell for $6 per pair.  Alternatively, gloves are available from club members Mary Boulanger and Betsy Fraser. 

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